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Reduce Body Heat Naturally

Reduce Body Heat Naturally

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While the temperatures outside soar, chances are that the body would heat up, since it is exposed to the sun’s scorching rays. In addition to that, it could be the foods you eat which heat the body up- spicy foods, alcohol based foods and alcohol too, caffeine to a large extent as well should be avoided when the heat is on. Medical science also says that drugs and medications too can raise the heat in the body. And this is why, we are here to tell you ways on how to reduce Body heat. Most of them are natural ways and safe. However, let’s first learn about the causes and the symptoms of rising body heat inside our bodies, shall we?

There are many reasons and causes as to why Body heat can happen inside our bodies, of which some are-

When the clothes you wear are too tight and clingy which can trap water and trap heat too
Infections and fevers can cause body heat to rise

Imbalance in the thyroid gland can make the metabolic activity run amok and force the body to produce more heat

Hard labour, strenuous workouts and plenty of physical labour can make the body heat soar
Muscular disabilities and seizures can be reason for the body heat to increase

Certain medications and stimulants make the body heat rise

Neurological disorders

So here were some of the causes that cause body heat rise inside the body, and now we shall move on to what the symptoms for the same are- take a look!

The normal body temperature for humans would be 98.6 degrees, with variations on a very slight note that is found to be acceptable. But if the temperature is above or below the same, it needs correction. This is the time when remedies are to be taken, so that the body functions well. Some of the symptoms let out by the body when the heat is high inside would be-

Ulcers in the stomach
Burning sensation in the feet and the hands
Heartbeat being too rapid
Cramps due to heat increase
Eyes feel as though they are boiling
Boils and rashes on the skin
Overtly perspiring
GERD, heartburn and acidity

Here were some of the symptoms let out by the body when the heat inside runs amok and goes out of control. Now let’s take a look at a list of DIY remedies to control body heat within the human system, shall we?

Heat Stroke Signs

Here is the List of Home Remedies for Reduce Body Heat
For many centuries, and it is even mentioned in the ayurveda, body heat can be controlled by consuming buttermilk. This is best for those that have very high metabolism levels and especially for women suffering from hot flashes. While you sweat, the body loses a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is what the buttermilk restores.
How to consume:
Drink a glass of buttermilk every morning while you have your breakfast, which helps maintain the heat levels in the body.
Do this by mixing a pinch of salt to a cup of sour curd and mixing it with two tablespoons of water into a frothy mix.

Coconut Water

You can also have coconut water or daab paani every morning on an empty stomach which helps bring down the levels of heat in the body. The electrolyte composition of coconut water can help with rehydration and brings in nutrients into the body for more energy needs.
How to consume
Cut open a fresh coconut and drink the contents within


Lime juice can help bring down illnesses related to high body heat and keeps the body cool as well. Thanks to the presence of vitamin C in lemons, the temperature is brought down for sure, but also the body stays nourished, and there is plenty of oxygenation that happens within the body, keeping it hydrated too. This means, you stay fresh and energized all through the day while the heat beats on outside.

How to consume
A pinch of salt should be added to a quart glass of concentrated lime juice.
Mix a tablespoon of honey in it and a cup of water. Mix well and enjoy.


Thanks to the high levels of water available in watermelon, body heat can be brought down to a large extent, and your body stays hydrated too.
How to consume
Cut open and piece up the fruit to have it whole
Spice it up as a smoothie mixing herbs and spices in it in a blender and then consuming the smoothie
Juice it up in a blender and consume with a dash of lime
How frequent:
Once in the morning with breakfast and once in the evening at tea time


While the summer months are on, cucumbers would be one of the healthiest foods to consume. Not only does it rehydrate the body, but also cools the body inside out.
How to consume:
Peel the cucumber and slice it, add pepper to spice it with a pinch of salt and have it as a salad.
You may also eat it raw and whole, sans the spices.
You can juice it up too!

Aloe vera

Since time immemorial, aloe vera has been used as a popular DIY remedy to bring down body heat. All thanks to the soothing and cooling properties it has, which keeps the body heat under control.
How to use/consume:
Apply the gel of the plant all over the skin and wait for half an hour before having a cold shower.
A quart cup water should be mixed with a tablespoon of aloe vera and drunk
How frequent:
The gel on the body routine can be done twice a day, while drinking the juice of aloe vera should be done just once a day on an empty stomach.
Aloe vera

Cool Water

One of the easiest ways to bring down body heat and to help the body recover from the high temperatures would be to have cool water.

How to consume:
An ice cold bath can be done
You can enjoy a tall glass of ice water
You can soak your feet in a bucket of ice cold water
How frequent:
For the ice bath, it should be done before you leave home, once a day.
For the ice water feet soaking ritual, it should be at the end of the day, once a day. And for consuming ice water, it should be done at least five to eight times a day.


One of the most holistic ways to reduce body heat and to cool and soothe the body would be to use sandalwood paste.

How to use:
Mix a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and a few drops of cold milk to form a paste.
Apply it on the forehead and the arms and the legs.
Wait for half an hour and then wash off
Dab a few drops on sandalwood oil onto cotton balls and freeze them.

Rub the same on the forehead and then relax

How frequent:

The sandalwood paste for the body should be done once a day at the end of the day. The sandalwood oil method can be done anytime, but once a day



Peppermint is nature’s way to cool and soothe the body, and to bring down body heat too. This is why, we use peppermint oil mostly to soothe headaches and migraines.

How to use:

A few drops of peppermint oil should be added to a mug of cold water.

Dip cotton in the same and dab around the face and the body.

This will make the latent heat escape and also cool and soothe the skin too.


Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry has a lot of cooling and soothing properties apart from being a nourishing agent, which is why we shall use it as a body coolant too.

How to take or How to do:

Mix a quart cup of amla concentrate juice to four parts of water and add a dash of honey to it. Consume it cold thrice a day

Mix a quart cup of amla concentrate to four parts of water with a pinch of salt and consume it cold, twice a day

Indian Gooseberry

Now that we have given you the various ways on how to bring down body heat naturally, here are some of the dos and the donts to abide by. Please check them out very well.

Dos and Don’ts

The safety dos

Always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, since during the summers you would be losing out plenty of water from the body too

Try and avoid strenuous hard work and activities as much as possible. Keep your work light and less to a large extent

Do check the color of your urine- light and colorless urine means you are safe; colored urine is a sign of lack of hydration

Don’t wear clothes that are too tight; loose fitting clothes for the summers and lightweight fabrics should be worn

Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect the face and the head

Stay out of the sun during the hours of 11am – 4pm, because this is when that the sun’s UV rays are at the highest and radiation can affect you the most.

When working and playing, taking frequent breaks are a must. This is because, when you stress too much, the heat in the body would rise. Slow pace at times, and you would be fine.
To replace the lost minerals and salts from the body, have plenty of juices and ORS water.
The safety DONTs

Avoid coffee and caffeine since they are diuretics and can affect the levels of fluid in the body, which are prime towards body temperature regulation
Limit the alcohol intake, which only dehydrate the body further
Keep away from heavy spicy and oily meals, high protein intake, hot soups and beverages too, which only increase the body heat.

So here were the safety dos and don’ts with regard to body heat control. Remember, if you see or experience yourself the nauseatic conditions, heavy sweating, weakness and headache, or paleness of the skin, chances are you could be having a stroke. It is life threatening and should be treated by a certified specialist immediately.

We hope this mini guide on how to control heat in the body comes in handy. The ideas mentioned here have been tried and tested by many, and hence this post was written by researching various sources for the same. However, if you have underlying medical conditions, or do not know how to identify heat strokes and over body heat issues, it would be wise to speak with a doctor and get the information you seek!

Disclaimer: This is a post for informational use only, and it would be wise not to substitute the ideas here for the advice given to you by your doctors. Please follow your doctors advise, for his words would take precedence over what is written here and elsewhere online.
Stay safe during the summers!.